Caregiver Interview - Dawn's Testimony

Caregiver Interview - Dawn's Testimony

Recently we asked our caregivers to tell us why they love their role at Daughter for Hire. Dawn has been a caregiver in the Capital Region for almost a year and is considered a treasured asset to her clients and their families. 

Dawn tells us, “I get to be myself. I just do what I do each and every day and it brings smiles to the faces of my clients; and once in a while, a tear of gratitude. 

We asked Dawn about the impact she has on her clients. “The necessary evils of day-to-day life aren't so evil when you have the right person to help. They might call us daughters for hire but many of my clients describe our relationship as being closer to that of a dear friend.”

Dawn couldn’t identify one particular favorite day working for Daughter for Hire. She told us, “Every visit is unique which makes it hard for me to choose one favorite day. Perhaps it was the day I took someone who was in hospice care for a drive, or maybe it was the afternoon where my client and I sorted through years of Christmas decorations. One of my favorite parts of this job is the way someone's eyes light up when you place a home cooked meal in front of them.” 

Serving as a caregiver for Daughter for Hire for a senior in our community has a ripple effect not only in the lives of our clients but also in the hearts of our caregivers. So many of our caregivers tell us that their work with us doesn’t feel like work and is actually one of the most fulfilling experiences of their lives. 

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