Caregiver Testimonial: Nancy

Caregiver Testimonial: Nancy

My name is Nancy and I have been a Daughter for Hire caregiver for the last 3 years. I was recently asked about my experience working for Daughter for Hire. First and foremost, I love the population I serve. The clients I work with each have unique personalities, different abilities and a variety of day-to-day needs. My clients and I create a unique caring relationship with each other. For some, I am considered an “extra daughter” and for others I become their friend and confidante. I love learning about their unique histories, sharing their joys and sorrows, and providing the support they need to fully enhance their quality of life. 

All of my clients have very loving and supportive families which makes my job easier! Some clients are still in their own homes and some are in care communities. Regardless of where they live, I strive to enrich their day-to-today lives every chance I get. My days are never boring! Some days are spent providing companionship and doing household chores; and other days are spent out of the home - shopping, museum visits, walks in the park, going to the zoo, out to lunch, etc. At the end of a work day, I am usually smiling thinking about something we said or did that day.

Some of the logistical aspects of my work with Daughter for Hire make it the perfect job for me. I work a schedule (of my choice) that allows me to integrate my personal life seamlessly with my work life. All of my clients live within an easy commute distance so I'm not driving long distances to get to their homes. 

The Daughter for Hire administrative staff is always available to answer questions, help with schedule changes, and find additional shifts for me when I want more hours. They let me know about positive feedback from clients' families and are always quick to compliment a job well done. They also provide information about training opportunities available to assist us caregivers in providing better service to clients with cognitive loss and dementia. 

The pay is good especially since I can work where I am valued and respected. Working a job that I have a true calling for coupled with the ability to work a flexible schedule is definitely a win-win situation for me!

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