New Director of Client Care for Mohawk Valley Region

New Director of Client Care for Mohawk Valley Region

Daughter for Hire is proud to introduce a new Director of Client Care of the Mohawk Valley region. Gabrielle Flihan has grown into this position after serving in a variety of different roles since 2013. Gabrielle first started as a caregiver where she found a passion for building relationships, caring for her clients, communicating with family members, and making life for the elderly better by helping them feel a sense of joy and endearment. Being a caregiver allowed Gabrielle to see the impact that Daughter for Hire has on clients and their families and inspired her to contribute to the company’s growth in a different way.  

“Helping others has always been a passion of mine from an early age,” says Flihan. “I was always involved in volunteer work and as a result, had the opportunity to help people of all different ages. Out of all of the volunteer experiences completed, I realized that I gravitated toward providing care for the senior population. Through this experience, I found that aging in place is difficult for the elderly but more possible if they have the proper assistance. Daughter for Hire embodies this in its mission and values the importance of providing compassionate care to such a vulnerable group.”

Gabrielle attended Saint John Fisher College and received her Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education with a focus in English and Special Education. After receiving her bachelor’s, Gabrielle began her teaching career in Rochester, NY. As a teacher, she found a love for providing her students a nurturing and supportive environment where rapport was strong and inspiration was limitless. Although Gabrielle loved her time teaching in Rochester, she moved back to the Mohawk Valley area in 2019 to be closer to her family. While teaching, Gabrielle continued to work for Daughter for Hire and has been instrumental in the company’s successful hiring effort, as well as her positive contributions to the company’s organization and standardization of operations, policies and procedures.  

When asked about her motivation, Gabrielle replied, “One of the greatest gifts that I received was having grandparents who included me in their lives throughout my childhood. They provided me with the love and care that shaped me into who I am today. However, as we grow older, roles tend to reverse and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to care for them in much the same way that they cared for me. This motivates me to be a part of our client population's lives by ensuring that they receive compassionate care as they age in their homes.”

Daughter for Hire is a company that is appreciated and valued by its clients and their families, as well as by their caregivers for the good work that they do. Gabrielle’s vision for Daughter for Hire centers on helping the company expand beyond the Mohawk Valley and Capital District to provide help to seniors wishing to age in place throughout the State. Experience has shown that there are more seniors in NY needing assistance than there are caregivers available to provide care. Daughter for Hire’s primary goal is to coordinate assistance for the elderly with caregivers that are passionate about what they do. 

Gabrielle is eager to continue her work with Daughter for Hire in her new role and looks forward to building a positive presence within her community. Daughter for Hire strongly believes that her background, leadership, communication skills, and love for the elderly population will make Gabrielle a highly effective Director of Client Care.

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