Dear Daughter for Hire

Dear Daughter for Hire

Dear Daughter for Hire, 

Thank you so much for Abby! She has been an incredible blessing for our family over these past 6 months since our father stopped driving. Abby has a great routine worked out with Dad...and helps keep him on his toes! They have become good lunch buddies! Abby tells me that she arrives about an hour before lunchtime. She does the dishes and prepares a nutritional meal for Dad. After lunch, she will tidy up the kitchen, check Dad's laundry and run it if needed...and then she will drive him to various places he needs to go. When there is time, she will fix him dinner or go get his takeout order before leaving for the day. 

I have to admit...I wasn't sure this was going to work with our father. We all know how stubborn and independent he is, but since Mom died, he is starting to acknowledge that he needs help from time to time. Abby started out only once per week in the beginning so Dad could get used to the idea of having a little help around the house. Now, Abby comes 4-5 days a week, and Dad reports she’s like the daughter he never had! 

He often tells us how he and Abby will eat lunch together every day and either talk about the news or play some cards. He was so proud that he taught her how to play gin rummy! Dad says that he really likes being able to get out again...something he really missed after Mom passed. He likes visiting his friends around town and enjoys stopping in his favorite coffee shop. Abby takes him to the mall occasionally and to the barbershop every-other Thursday.

Anyway...I just wanted you to know how much Daughter for Hire has done for my brothers and me. Even though we’re aren’t too far away from Dad, we all have busy families of our own now, and we just don’t have the time to be there for him during the week. Dad was adamantly opposed to moving into an assisted living facility, so my brothers and I explored some in-home options. Dad does have a lot of doctor's appointments, but he still takes care of himself at home. He just needs help keeping up with his chores and driving places...and he loves the help with his meals as he was never one to cook for himself!

A friend of mine shared your company on Facebook after seeing some success with his Mom and I thought I would check you out. We are so happy we found you and Abby! You have greatly improved the quality of life for our father, taken pressure off me and my brothers and given everyone peace of mind knowing that Dad isn’t sitting in his house alone everyday. 

Thank you Daughter for Hire!!

--Steve M. Utica, NY

*Names changed to protect our clients and caregivers' privacy

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