I Love Working for Daughter for Hire!

I Love Working for Daughter for Hire!

I absolutely love working for Daughter for Hire! I started a couple years ago after taking an early retirement. All of a sudden, I found myself with so much time on my hands! I decided to find a part time job where I could make a difference...but not have to work too hard either! 

When I first started working for Daughter for Hire, I had a couple clients that I would see here and there for errands, doctors appointments and some occasional light housekeeping. It wasn’t too long before I started working with Mary*. At first, Mary wasn’t very thrilled that her adult children arranged for someone to take her to her appointments. They recently convinced her that she needed to stop driving after a couple “close calls”. 

Long story short, we have become a really good team! Mary has become like a second mother to me! She has plenty of her own family and they come visit her when they can. Mary loves that she has me to help keep her house tidy and ready for guests and grandchildren!

For the last year now, Mary has been my only client. We keep a calendar of her doctor’s appointments and we have regular shopping trips. I will help her in the kitchen when she feels like cooking or baking something herself. Sometimes, we will sit down and enjoy a cup of tea together and just talk. 

Working as a Daughter for Hire has been such a fulfilling way for me to spend a few hours a week during my retirement. It doesn’t even feel like a job! I love the feeling I get when I help others and it helps keep me active. I’m not getting any younger and realize that someday, I may need a Daughter for Hire myself...but hopefully, that’s a long time to come!


*Names of caregivers and clients are changed to protect their privacy

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