National Check Your Meds Day

National Check Your Meds Day

National Check Your Meds Day is observed on October 21st and serves as a reminder to review both prescription and non-prescription medicines. Very often, seniors are prescribed a variety of medications from different providers which makes utilizing one (and only one) pharmacy so vitally important. While the pharmacy computer system is good at identifying potential complications of mixing certain medicines, it’s still a good idea to have an occasional pharmaceutical checkup from time to time. 

Check Your Meds Day can serve as a reminder to check expiration dates. There is no need to keep expired medications around for a rainy day and using out-dated medicines can lead to several complications. A recent study has shown that one-third of all Americans haven’t cleaned out their old medicines in the last year, and nearly one-fifth haven’t done so in the past 5 years! All of this adds up to around 200 million pounds of unused medication per year!

On National Check Your Meds Day, people are encouraged to take all of their medications to their pharmacy for a quick review. The staff can identify potentially dangerous interactions and give advice on proper disposal of expired medications. 

Senior caregivers are encouraged to check in on their older family members at this time to help identify expired medications and organize a review with their pharmacists. 

Officially established in 2017 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Check Your Meds Day is a day for patients to gain a clearer understanding of exactly what their prescribed medication does, how it affects them, if they’re taking them correctly, and if there’s a more cost-effective alternative to what they’re being prescribed.

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