Seniors Reinventing Retirement

Seniors Reinventing Retirement

Aging doesn’t have to be looked down upon, but instead a season that you’ve worked (literally) towards your whole life. Seniors are spending their golden years working, volunteering, and giving back to the community more now than in the last 55 years.

Many people who have the opportunity to retire, don’t, or end up returning back to work, and it’s not for the money. In the NY Times article, Many Americans Try Retirement, Then Change Their Minds the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research firm, reported that in 2017 that almost 40 percent of workers over 65 had, at some point, previously retired. (

Americans spend the majority of their lives working; saving for a house, car, or a vacation and ultimately saving for retirement. We have to work to financially provide for ourselves and our families.  

Keeping that in mind, this generation of retirees appreciates the fact that they don’t have to work anymore, yet surprisingly, they want to. Many try retirement, but miss the sense of purpose, the social engagement, want to stay creative, and alert.

The best part- they can choose whatever field they want to work in. Without the stress of finances, they have the freedom to choose the job they love, during the hours that fit best around the rest of their lives.  

Since most don’t go back to work full-time, this gives them the opportunity to stay involved in their community and workplace, while still spending quality time with family, or learning a new hobby.

It’s inspiring to all generations, to stay active in the community no matter what age you are. It’s possible, and it’s exciting. Here at Daughter for Hire, we not only assist seniors but employ them too! If you, or someone you know might be interested in a position at Daughter-for-Hire, no matter how old you are, contact us to see if we would make a good team in furthering, and strengthening the lives of seniors in our communities.

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